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Hip pain can cause a big hindrance to simple tasks, movements, and managing to simply get through your day. There are many causes to hip pain and injury, as well as simple ways to help avoid them. In order to prevent any hip difficulties in your future, it’s important to know the common causes and how to avoid them.


The most common cause of long-term hip pain is arthritis. It can be the main cause of pain, stiffness, tender joints, and having a hard time walking. There are different forms of arthritis that contribute to hip pain including osteoarthritis which is age-related that wears down the cartilage surrounding the joints. This type of arthritis is the most common when it comes to hip injury and pain. 


When there is pain on the outside of the hip, thigh, or buttocks, bursitis is usually to blame. Bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid sacs that keep tendons and muscles from rubbing directly against bone. As we age your chances of suffering from bursitis and it is especially much more common in people over 60. The best way to treat this is at home through rest, ice compresses, and anti-inflammatory medications. If you decide to see a doctor they may give a cortisone injection to reduce inflammation.


For more active people, tenderness in your hip flexor or groin when you touch or move them can likely be tendonitis. This happens with strain and over-using tendons which creates repeated minor injuries that lead to muscular imbalances in the hip after some time. This can be treated by resting the pained area and icing it as well to reduce inflammation. 

In order to keep your hips as healthy as possible, it’s important to control your weight and other health factors. Consider stretching or doing yoga regularly, focus on core strength, and get annual check-ups. If your hip injury or pain persists, consult a doctor for further medical assistance.